Waze - Trip & Lane Suggestions, Carpool Updates & Other Updates

In the world of Google Maps and Apple Maps, Waze quietly goes about its business of guiding people to their destinations. Waze has more than 130 million monthly active users in 185 countries. Waze is a truly crowd-sourced app with over 420,000 volunteers contributing to make Waze better. But, they are not the only ones working towards improving Waze. Waze has been getting regular updates after getting acquired by Google. It recently got as many as five updates that will be welcomed by Waze users across the world.

Trip Suggestions, Traffic Notifications & Lane Guidance

Waze just got more personal with soon to be rolled out Trip Suggestions feature. This feature studies user’s historical driving patterns to guestimate where the user is headed next. It dives into past trips and locations to conclude probable destinations. The app then suggests a visual overview of a trip with details like trip duration and expected traffic.

Talking of traffic, Waze is also about to offer traffic notifications starting next month. The app will send alerts to users when traffic is on the verge of increasing leading to delays on users’ favourite and frequent destinations as well as new planned routes. Another welcome addition is Lane Guidance. The app now suggests the best lanes to be in when merging or exiting a highway.

Web to app, new languages & Waze Carpool updates

Users can now plan drives on the web and simply export them to the app. This is a handy feature for those who prefer larger screens to plan trips and routes. And Waze just got better for French, Spanish and Portuguese speakers thanks to Google Assistant integration in these three languages. Last but not least, The Waze Carpool service now offers instant booking and auto-approve features for drivers and riders. Drivers will also see real-time ride requests while driving.

What’s driving without music? Waze Audio Player partner program lets users tune into third-party services such as Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, YouTube Music, iHeartRadio, Scribd and more. And, it just added Amazon Music to its list of partners. This means Amazon Music users can summon the Waze app from the Amazon Music app.

Happy Trails with the updated Waze app.

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