Radish - The Netflix of Books

The movie, music and entertainment landscape shifted drastically since the onset of smartphones, apps and hi-speed internet. But, books have mostly resisted the winds of technological change. Yes, we have the 5 best ebook apps that bring books to your smartphones, but, that’s about it. Or, is it?

Radish - The Netflix of Books

Radish, launched in 2017, is self-proclaimed ‘Netflix of books’. Unlike other ebook and audiobook apps, Radish deals exclusively in Originals. It doesn’t host books that exist on other platforms. Instead, it encourages budding writers to share their stories on its platform. Its other USP is that it breaks books into bite-sized binge-worthy stories similar to episodes.

“Torn Between Alphas” is one of Radish’s most popular Original. About 10 seasons are released each year with 50 chapters per season. Chapter and season releases throughout the year keep the fans on their toes. This popular werewolves romance has made Radish a cool $4 million thanks to the 50 million+ “reads.” Radish hosts fiction stories exclusively. Popular genres are romance, paranormal/sci-fi, LGBTQ, young adult, horror, mystery and thriller.

How Radish works?

After downloading the free Radish app, you create an account to use the app. The home-screen displays popular books and the search option lets you find books. Books are properly categorised into different genres to facilitate discovery. You can also search by authors as Radish has stories written by New York Times and USA Today’s best-selling authors. The app is also home to award-winning writers of popular TV shows Days of Our Lives, General Hospital and All My Children.

The ingenuity of Radish lies in its monetary model. You don’t have to purchase entire books but chapters. This lets you try out a book/novel in phases rather than spending all your money in one go. The initial free chapters also help you decide whether you want to invest in a book. You don’t purchase books or episodes directly. Instead, you purchase coins in packages of 6, 27, or 78 with weekly, monthly and yearly coin auto-refilling options. These coins can be used to purchase chapters. Each chapter costs around $0.20 to $0.30.

Radish is a very interesting model and bookworms should give it a try.

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