Quick App Updates of the Week: Todoist, Pinterest and More

Todoist gets sleek Boards for easier task management

One of the best Todo apps, Todoist just got better thanks to the newly launched Boards. Boards display tasks as cards that can be dragged horizontally into different categories. It is a major upgrade to the traditional list format. It makes it easier to organise and visualise tasks and projects. If you still prefer the traditional list format then you can switch back to it anytime.

Check COVID stats on Google Maps before stepping out

Are you just as sick of the virus as us? Google Maps just rolled out a new feature that aims to protect you from the virus. Maps now alerts you if COVID cases are on a rise in the area you are headed to. A brand new layer shows the seven-day average of new COVID cases per 100,000 people along with infection rate state - increasing or decreasing. The data is pulled from Johns Hopkins University, the New York Times and Wikipedia. This new feature is available in all the 220 countries in the world.

Google Assistant will encourage ‘Walk’, ‘Water’ and More

From one pandemic feature to another, this one aims to promote mental and physical wellbeing. Work-from-home is bound to stay for a while. It can be monotonous, boring and unhealthy. That is why Google Assistant will remind you to leave the desk and engage in some benevolent activities. It will suggest stretching, walking and drinking water etc throughout the day. These reminders are customisable. This is the need of the hour.

Podcasters can host polls on Spotify

Polls in Instagram Stories are quite popular. Spotify launched Polls of their own to fuel interaction between podcasters and listeners. Podcasters can create custom polls to get listeners’ interests and feedbacks. It could help them decide on guests, content and format among other things. Polls exist at the bottom of episode pages or an episode’s Now Playing page. Polls are only available on a handful of podcasts such as The Rewatchables, Incredible Feats with Dan Cummins and Crime Countdown.

Pinterest launches Stories and Creator Profiles

Pinterest is taking a page out of Instagram’s book that took a few pages out of Snapchat’s bible. Pinterest has launched its own version of Stories/Snaps called Story Pins. Story Pins have been made available to some creators who can use them to post photos and vertical videos with overlaid text and voice-over narration. Story Pins neither link to a website nor do they disappear after 24 hours. Followers can comment and react to Story Pins. The other new feature - Creator Profiles - lets influencers highlight their projects using Story Pins.

Jim has a bachelor in Philosophy of Science from the University of Leeds. When he is not writing tech articles he enjoys photography 📷 and traveling 🚂.