Quick App Updates of the Week: PayPal, Zoom and More

Cryptocurrency available to all PayPal US users

Cryptocurrency is deemed as the currency of the future. Businesses and banks around the world are slowly but surely accepting cryptocurrency. PayPal is one of the biggest players to enable cryptocurrency transactions and holdings for all the PayPal US users. Users can now buy, sell and hold bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum and bitcoin cash using PayPal. PayPal will also add cryptocurrency to Venmo early next year. This will open doors to everyday transactions using cryptocurrency. Sometime next year, cryptocurrency support will be launched in other international markets as well.

Google’s 360-degree tours come to the Arts & Culture app

Google is bringing down the curtain on its Expeditions app. This is one of the moves that marks the end of Google’s interest in VR. Spotlight Stories VR studio and Jump VR platform have also been shut down. Believe me not, but, this is good news for most. All the cool and educational Expeditions content comes to the Arts & Culture app. Now, you can live these 360-degree tours without having to be a student or possessing a VR headset. The best part is that all of it is free. YAY.

No 40-minute limit on Thanksgiving for free Zoom users

Zoom is pausing its 40-minute limit on free video chats for Thanksgiving. In the light of rising COVID cases, Zoom wants users to connect freely with loved ones without worrying about the time limit. The time limit restriction won’t apply from midnight, November 26th to 6 AM ET, November 27th. # ZoomTogether.

Messenger Kids got a redesign

Messenger Kids got a revamp and now looks a lot like the Messenger app. The goal is to facilitate interaction between kids and family. It feels more streamlined now thanks to chats stacked in a vertical list. Unread messages appear in bold with an accompanying blue dot. The redesign also added media and message previews. Navigation also got a revamp with two new Chat and Explore navigation tabs at the bottom. Kids can now start a call from their inbox using a swipe gesture. Personalisation options have been added letting kids select custom chat bubble colours for individual and group chats. The updates are being slowly rolled out worldwide.

TikTok gives more control to parents

Sticking with kids, TikTok is giving more control to parents. Parents can toggle their kids’ account to private and disable the in-app search feature. Private mode means only friends and family members can see the kid’s account. Additionally, they can control Liked Videos visibility and restrict other users from commenting on the teen’s videos. For comments, they can select from everyone, friends and no one. TikTok aims to provide a safe and hassle-free experience to both kids as well as parents.

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