Pickle - The Social App for Social Distancing Times

BBC ran a story, “Are we pandemic fatigued?” Frankly speaking, yes. We have all given our best but the year continues to take its toll. A second wave is being since in most countries with new lockdowns being implemented. This is tough, really tough, because we have been practically living ‘abnormally’ since March. And, we don’t even know when things will be back to normal. Well, aren’t we all in a pickle?

Pickle - The Social App for Social Distancing Times

Pickle’s origins are quite different from its modern avatar. It started out as a gig app where you could post your expertise - carpentry, music, plumbing etc. Other users in your locality could then request your services for the price fixed by you. It did have a pop feel with hashtags, @user and threaded comments. There was also a ‘dare’ element that further added some fun to the gigs.

But, that was before.

Pickle is now a ‘real-life’ social app. Over 350,000 users are using it to find people to hangout with, attend events, watch movies and more. This friend finding avatar is the need of the hour when your friends from the other side of the town can’t travel due to COVID restrictions.

It is fairly to easy to use. A map shows who’s around and what are they searching for. Drop a message via the in-app chat and make plans. Users are usually on the lookout for all kinds of activities such as movies, walking, skating, playing sports, photography and more. The Trends tab tells you what activities are hot in the area.

“Find friends to do different things with. Whether there is an event you want to go to that none of your friends are interested in or whether you are looking for someone that just gets you and has the same interest, you can find someone on Pickle,” official Pickle site.

Download Pickle, find new friends and give 2020 another chance.

Jim has a bachelor in Philosophy of Science from the University of Leeds. When he is not writing tech articles he enjoys photography 📷 and traveling 🚂.