Paired - A Relationship Counselling App for Couples

Dating apps are dime and dozen. But, what about the part that comes after dating - relationships? Relationships were tough even before the nerve-wracking novel virus came to town. Now, the challenges have only magnified. And, neither you meet friends and family in person to discuss relationship issues nor a counsellor. That is why you must try the new relationship app.

Paired - A relationship counselling app for couples

Paired’s aim to promote happier and healthier relationships. How does it plan to do this? Tips and hacks from relationship experts and counsellors + “fun daily questions and quizzes” for partners. The app covers the full spectrum from improving intimacy to enhancing communication. It offers daily steps for couples to build a better relationship.

Paired was piloted in Australia for six months before the recent rollout. “Our relationship with our partner is one of the most important parts of our lives: it affects our physical health, our mental health, and the lives of our children,” says Kevin Shanahan, co-founder and CEO. “However, there aren’t many solutions to help couples keep their relationship healthy. Most are designed for couples in distress”.

How Paired works?

Paired believes in micro-steps that lead to wholesome improvements in relationships. The in-app quizzes are work towards the same aim. These quizzes are curated by relationship academics and therapists. The app also shares tips that help partners discover each other along with ironing differences and building intimacy. Then there are audio courses that educate partners about different facets of relationships.

Paired has gotten the following experts on board so far - University of Washington Professor Dr Pepper Schwartz, University of Exeter academics Mark Rivett and Hannah Sherbersky and Oakland University Professor and Marriage and Family Therapist Dr Terri Orbuch.

The app is designed for solo as well as couple use. For couple use, share the unique code you receive on the app. “Each day we then prompt you to answer either a question or quiz,” explains Shanahan. “These rotate between different areas of your relationship so you can learn which areas are strong and which have room for growth. If you’re paired with your partner, then when they answer the quiz or question you can unlock each other’s answer and discuss them together.”

Paired is ideal for all kinds of couples from long-time partners to long-term and everyone in between. The in-app quizzes and audio courses are perfect for even the busiest couples thanks to their bite-size lengths. Audio courses range from 5-10 minutes and quizzes range from one question to just a few. Audio courses range from managing conflict to increasing sexual intimacy.

Love more. Stress less.

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