HBO Max: New Streaming Service, New Movies & Originals

This is probably the best time to roll out on-demand streaming apps. Sure, folks have exhausted Netflix, Prime Video and Hulu libraries. The new short-form video streaming app, Quibi, is carving out space for itself. And, wow there is a new sheriff in town and this one comes with a lot of experience. So, get ready for new originals and exclusives as well as popular superhits from the past.

HBO Max: New Originals + All-time Superhits

HBO Max brings you the best of both worlds - HBO content and well non-HBO content as well. HBO Max gives you access to all the HBO shows and movies. But, the real crowd-pullers are the originals and exclusive movies, series and documentaries. There is the Friends reunion special, Love Life (comedy series), On The Record (documentary), Legendary (fashion competition), new Looney Tunes cartoons, Elmo’s late-night show and Craftopia (kids competition) to name a few. Six originals are available right now with more slated for release in June. All in all, 50 originals were planned for the first 12 months but then some novel virus came to town. Here is a full list of all the movies, series, documentaries and originals coming to HBO Max in June.

How to sign up for HBO Max?

Signing up for HBO Max is complicated due to the different permutations and combinations. The actual sign up process is quick and easy. So, let’s break down the possibilities.

  • HBO Now subscribers will be automatically transitioned to HBO Max without any added cost
  • HBO subscribers via cable providers get free access to HBO Max
  • AT&T customers with HBO subscription get free access to HBO Max
  • AT&T TV, mobile and internet bundle customers get free access as well
  • HBO subscription with Spectrum, Altice, Suddenlink, Optimum, Comcast, Cox, Verizon Fios TV or YouTube TV also gives free access
  • If none of the above, then you can sign up for HBO Max ($14.99/mo) using the website or app

HBO Max vs HBO Now vs HBO Go

HBO Max makes it three HBO apps. So, what are the differences between the three?

HBO Max: HBO Max is the superset of the other two. It offers everything that the other two apps offer + more.

HBO Go: HBO Go is an on-demand streaming app for HBO cable subscribers. It gives access to HBO shows, movies and TV specials.

HBO Now: HBO Now is a cord-cutter option and gives you access to HBO shows, movies and TV specials. It costs $15/mo and all HBO Now subscribers will automatically be upgraded to HBO Max without any additional cost.

HBO Max is compatible with Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Samsung Smart TVs. It is surprisingly not compatible with Amazon Fire TV and Roku. It is currently available only in the US. It will be available in Europe in Latin America soon.

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