Facebook Campus - A Social Media App for University Students

Even without having watched Social Network, we all know about Facebook’s university origins. What very few know is that Facebook was only limited to college and university students in the beginning. That changed around 2008 and the rest, as they say, is history. But, Facebook is recreating the past with its recent launch.

Campus - University students-only social media app

Facebook recently launched Campus, social media for university and college students. Campus requires a .edu email address and a graduation year no more than five years from now. Students are likely to discover a Facebook Campus sign-up prompt on their News Feed. As of now, students can continue using Campus even after graduation, however, that could change in the future.

As of now, Facebook Campus has to be accessed using the Facebook app. A standalone Campus app might be released soon.

Facebook is also offering incentives to boost sign-ups. New users could get Facebook Campus merchandise like t-shirts and towels. Post sign up, students create a new Facebook Campus profile. This profile contains information such as graduation year, dorm, major and minor, classes they’re taking, hometown, Instagram profile and more. Students can link their main Facebook profile to their Campus profile.

Groups, events, no News Feed posting and more

Facebook Campus doesn’t work across universities. This means students can only discover Campus users attending the same university as them. Facebook Campus users can search students by name, year, major or class and browse classmates, dormmates and club members. Students can also lookup university groups and events to join. Students can also create interest-based or dorm-specific groups. Buy/sell groups can also be created.

Facebook Campus has its own chat section which doesn’t overlap with Facebook and Messenger. Messenger-styled group chats aren’t possible, however, groups have their own chats that users can join. Facebook Campus News Feed houses groups, clubs and events updates. What makes Campus different is that users can’t post on their News Feed. They can only post to groups, events or chats. This is to reduce spam and increase meaningful interaction between users.

Facebook Campus is available to students of the following colleges/universities: Benedict College; Brown University; California Institute of Technology; College of William & Mary; Duke University; Florida International University; Georgia Southern University; Georgia State University; Johns Hopkins University; Lane College; Lincoln University (Pennsylvania); Middlebury College; New Jersey Institute of Technology; Northwestern University; Rice University; Sarah Lawrence College; Scripps College; Smith College; Spelman College; Stephen F. Austin State University; Tufts University; University at Albany – State University of New York; University of Hartford; University of Louisville; University of Pennsylvania; University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire; Vassar College; Virginia Tech; Wellesley College; and Wesleyan University.

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