ClassPass - Fitness Livestreams, Personal Classes & More

The interesting aspect of the app industry is that it has to evolve constantly. Circumstances could tilt either way. The pandemic has had a diverse effect on different apps. Travel and hospitality related apps have suffered while fitness, learning and gaming apps have gained new followers. There is one fitness app that navigated these testing times quite efficiently.

ClassPass - From in-studio to virtual

ClassPass started as an Airbnb of the fitness world. You could look up various studios around your town offering different fitness classes. It coins itself as the boutique fitness app and it indeed is. You can find niche fitness classes like aerial yoga, aqua cycling and barre along with the usual suspects such as pilates, spin and regular yoga. Discovering classes around you is easy and you can look up details and read reviews before picking one.

Booking classes through the app is also straightforward. ClassPass has a credit system under which you select one of the monthly membership options that give you a certain amount of credits. Different classes cost different credits decided by respective instructors. Studios also get to decide cancellation and reschedule time windows. If you don’t show up and cancel/reschedule in time, you get fined somewhere around $15 in addition to losing the credits used. Now, that’s some way to motivate you to stay fit.

Then, the pandemic hit. Then, the studios shut.

Virtual Workouts from Aqua Cycling to Aerial Yoga

ClassPass had to change its model due to the shutdown of studios, gyms and fitness centres around the world. It went virtual. ClassPass offers over 4,000 on-demand digital workouts that can be booked easily using the app. The workouts are quite diverse ranging from Bootcamp to boxing. You can use rollover credits or purchase individual workouts. In addition to the workouts, you also get free access to a curated library of fitness videos. And, that’s not it as ClassPass went one better.

ClassPass Livestream Classes

It’s one thing to watch a recorded workout video and a different thing altogether to workout live. ClassPass launched Livestream classes with studios, gyms and instructors around the world. Now, you can register for one regardless of your locality. Search for Livestream classes by studio name, activity or using the new “Livestream” filter. Book using rollover credits or purchase additional credits. Livestream classes take place on Zoom, YouTube, Instagram and other platforms preferred by respective instructors. A complete list of Livestream hosting gyms and studios can be found here.

ClassPass Personal Training

You thought that was it? Classpass recently rolled out personal training program where users can have 1-v-1 sessions with fitness experts and instructors. The workflow is the same as mentioned above, find-and-book. At present, there are 10 trainers and they will conduct one-hour sessions at different times. All sessions will have a free 15-minute video chat consultation. Each session costs 23 credits which are equivalent to somewhere between $35 to $45 based on the location.

ClassPass has a wide range of offerings for everyone and you should check out their 14-day free trial.

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