5 Best Road Trip/Long Distance Travel Apps

True, true, who plans a road-trip in these COVID times? Well, a few do and we want them to have the safest possible experience. And, thousands have to travel long distances due to work or business commitments. Or, the odd occasion when folks have to travel long distances to meet family or friends in need. Since air and train travel are riskier, people are turning to cars even for longer journeys. If you are undertaking a road-trip then you must have these 5 best road trip apps.

5 Best Road Trip/Long Distance Travel Apps

Google Maps

Google Maps has to be the first app on any best road-trip apps list. There are plenty of navigation apps for road-trips but Google Maps has rolled out most COVID-related features. From helping health workers find hotels to guiding to nearest COVID testing labs, Google Maps has been on it. But, the best feature is COVID alerts that the app sends if there are case spikes at your usual or planned destinations. And, all of this before you dive into the Google Maps hacks.


Auto Scout 24

Several thousand people have or are thinking of buying cars because of COVID-risks that air, train and public transportation options possess. AutoScout24 is one of the biggest and best car-buying apps in Europe. It has an envious collection of over two million vehicles. This app not only hosts cars and SUVs but motorbikes as well. If you are looking to boost your knowledge of cars and other vehicles, the app also provides a free magazine with interesting articles. If you want to narrow down your search, you can search for cars by make, model, price, features, etc. The app is widely used in Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Russia. Surely, one of the best road-trip apps.


Gas Buddy

GasBuddy is a great money-saving app. As the name suggests, this app shows the cheapest gas stations around you. The app is crowd-sourced by its loyal users. It covers over 150,000 gas stations across the United States. You can save up to 25 cents per gallon of gas. The app works and is accepted on major gas stations such as Shell, Circle K, 7 Eleven, Wawa etc. Using this app is simple and straightforward. You can use one of their many filters like location, price, brands and others to find the perfect gas station. You are also notified of price hikes in gas, so you can fill up in advance. Surely one of the best driving apps for Android.


ParkWhiz App

Finding parking in new cities can be a real pain. That is why you need ParkWhiz, one of the road-trip apps. The app works in most major US cities and parts of Canada. You can easily find parking spots using this and save a lot of money. You also get a 50% discount if you book a spot in advance. Price comparison is one of the best features of the app. It allows you to compare parking prices across all the parking lots around the city. This app is easy to use and manoeuvre around.


What are road-trips without music? iHeartRadio is a good mix of traditional radio and modern music player app. You can listen to nearby radio stations, exclusive shows, podcasts and create your music stations based on your music choices. You can also dig into existing stations categorised by decades (80s hits, 90s hits etc) and genres like classical, rock, country and alternative among many others. You can also put a sleep timer if you are close to dozing off. You can check out song lyrics and artist’s biography while the song is being played. Don’t forget to share your favourite station with friends and loved ones. iHeartRadio surely deserves a place on the best road-trip apps list.

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