5 Best Grammar Apps for Android

English is the lingua franca of the world. It is among the most widely spoken language across the world. Yet, it is easy to mess it up. Especially these days when work-from-home is prevalent, it is essential to not make grammatical errors. PC and laptop editors have some sort of grammar check. But, what about smartphones? You don’t want grammatical errors in your presentation, quarterly report or email that you created on-the-fly. That is why you must use these 5 best grammar apps for Android. They serve different purposes. Some improve your grammar while others proofread your content.

5 Best Grammar Apps for Android

English Grammar in Use

English Grammar in Use

From the wise halls of Cambridge University comes one of the best grammar apps by Professor Raymond Murphy, English Grammar in Use. The app gives you access to grammar learning activities and lessons. All in all, the app has 145 grammar units of which six are available for free. The rest can be purchased via in-app purchases. The Started Pack includes present and past tenses with apt explanations, interactive exercises, a glossary of grammar words and a study guide. The app also offers audio recordings to improve your listening skills. The app is easy to use and improves your grammar for sure.

English Grammar Test

In the world of expensive and free-to-use [read in-app purchases] apps, English Grammar Test is a completely free app. The app is adored by 120,000 learners around the world. It is ideal for intermediate and upper-intermediate learners. It gives you access to 60 tests and 1200 English exercises with 20 English grammar units in each test. It covers the whole spectrum from Nouns to Gerund. The progress page does an excellent job of displaying your performance. The app also provides FREE daily classes, exercises and lessons on different social media networks. The minimal interface makes it easy to use. English Grammar Test is one of the best grammar apps for Android.



Before we dive deep into the grammar, time for a quick and easy grammar check app. Grammarly is just the grammar app you need. It auto checks for spelling and grammatical errors as you type. It autocorrects spelling mistakes and displays grammatical errors with correct alternatives. The app also has advanced punctuation correction and vocabulary enhancements that improve your writing. The tone checker lets you know how engaging your words are. You can ignore the suggestions if the script requires misspellings and grammatical errors. Grammarly is an excellent app with a user-friendly interface and no annoying ads.


Udemy is an e-learning app with excellent language learning courses. It also offers math, science, computer science, history and other courses. There are plenty of sub courses to choose from in the English domain. Pick from English Grammar, English Conversation, English Writing and more. You can sign up for a course for free, however, to earn a certificate you must the designated fee. Most classes are in the form of video lectures with weekly assignments, quizzes and final exams. It is a great app for people who want to strengthen their grip on grammar.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary


Merriam-Webster is one of the pioneers of the dictionary world. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary app throws light on pronunciation, root, synonyms, word use examples etc. The app also contains word games that enhance your vocabulary. These word games are fun and addictive. Word of the Day feature teaches you at least one new word each day. The in-app thesaurus is ideal for finding synonyms. Look for frequent words in Favourite Words and Search History. Voice Search does what it says on the can. The app is free which means you have to put up with aggressive ads. Besides that, the Merriam Webster Dictionary is one of the best grammar apps.

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