5 Best Fashion Apps For Android

You can practically access any form of fashion while chilling in your pyjamas on your couch with a glass of Rose in your hand. From buying clothes online, reselling them, to getting makeup subscription boxes and makeup tutorials, all of it is available at your fingertips. Fashion inspiration is no longer restricted to just Vogue magazine. You’re just a click away from being the next fashionista. There are a lot of fashion apps out there that can help you stay on top of the latest trends. And, here are the 5 best fashion apps that every aspiring fashionista must-have.

5 Best Fashion Apps For Android


Sephora App

There is a reason why Sephora is on top of the 5 Best fashion apps list. It is one of the biggest conglomerates in the makeup industry. The app makes shopping at Sephora easier for you. Simply start by creating an account. Then upload a selfie and virtually apply different makeup before ordering. The app ensures that you buy the perfect makeup product without leaving the comfort of your home. The app has makeup tutorials, beauty articles and even a gift guide. You can earn rewards for your purchases and use them to buy gifts.


Ulta App

Ulta is a more affordable version of Sephora. This app is great for people on a budget. Ulta’s Glamlab feature allows you to try makeup virtually, so, you never buy the wrong foundation shade. Ulta collaborates with many popular makeup brands, hence, you will surely find something for yourself. You can access weekly ads and discounts via the app, order your makeup and track it as well. The Dermalogica Skin Analysis tool offers a customized skincare routine. The app sends sales and special offer notifications as well. Similar to Sephora you are awarded rewards for your purchases. Ulta beauty salon appointments can be made via the app.

Your Closet

Your Closet

Are you one of those who always wear the same four tops because you can’t find other clothes in your closet? Is organizing your closet a tedious task for you? Your Closet is a closet organizing fairy godmother. The app helps you organize your closet, so, it is easier for you to pick your outfits. Upload pictures of your clothes to the app and choose the closet section - top, bottom, middle etc. The app then helps you organise your belongings accordingly. You can organize your clothes in categories and sub-categories as well. Add details like size, fabric, season, brand etc for easier discovery. To make the search easier, the app bundles similar colour outfits together.


Drest App

Drest is an interactive styling app. The app is great for aspiring fashion influencers and enthusiasts. You dress and style life-sized model avatars using high-end clothes. You are provided with a daily interactive fashion news feed which you can use to create different seasonal styles. You can create your photoshoot images by using models and enhance their beauty by using makeup created by Mary Greenwell. To earn rewards you can share these photoshoot images on social media and the Drest community. This is a great app for fashionistas to get their creative juices flowing.


YouTube App

YouTube needs no introduction. From cooking and gardening videos to makeup and fashion vlogs, this app has it all. This is clearly why the list of 5 best fashion apps would be incomplete without YouTube. There are a lot of fashion and makeup influencers you can follow. Novice fashion enthusiasts have not only learned makeup via YouTube but even become influencers. YouTube is a great place if you are looking for fashion inspiration. Numerous fashion bloggers share fashion advice, DIY videos and their lives on YouTube. Even celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian have uploaded makeup tutorials for their fans. I think no much needs to be said about YouTube, we all know how essential it is.

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