5 Best Escape Games for Android

Have you played any of the games on our best puzzle games for Android list? If you are a puzzle games fan then you are sure to like escape games. Escape games are a sub-genre of puzzle games. The plot is usually the same - locked up in a room or situation, you need to find your way out. Reminds you of the Saw series? You are on the right track. These games are mind-bending and charge up your brain cells. Get going with these 5 best escape games for Android.

5 Best Escape Games for Android

Faraway 3: Arctic Escape

Faraway 3

Faraway 3 is zen meets escape game. It is simple yet mind-bending. The third edition of this hugely popular game unfolds in wintery climes of the Arctic. The graphics are simply stupendous. You are in search of your father following notes he left behind. In addition to the notes, you search for clues in places, items and devices. There are 18 new temples each with its own deep and dark secret. Once you enter a temple, the game turns into a room escape puzzle. You will spend hours playing this magnificent game. 9 Levels are available for free while the rest can be purchased. Faraway 3: Arctic Escape is one of the best escape games for Android.

Adventure Escape Series

Adventure Escape Series

We have a surprise for you. Three best escape games from Haiku Games, one of the best game developers. The plot is usually the same - solve mysteries to escape alive. The storylines are truly gripping with realistic graphics and simple gameplay. Adventure Escape: Hidden Ruins pits you in a lost world to discover treasures of the Kumari civilization while avoiding deadly traps. Adventure Escape: Asylum is eerie. You play as a delusional girl in an asylum trying to escape a killer. Adventure Escape: Time Library is a time-travelling adventure where you have to solve the mystery of the Time Library! Each game has about 10 chapters that are all free.

Cube Escape Series

Double bonanza. Another three of the best escape games that are mind-boggling. The goal is simple - escape dire situations by finding hidden items and solving puzzles. All games are free to play with decent graphics and simple gameplay. Samsara Room is the newest game of the series. You are in a room with a telephone, a mirror, a grandfather clock and other odd objects. Find a way out. With over 130,000 players, Cube Escape: Paradox is the most popular game of the series. You wake up in a doomed room with no recollection. The only way out is by solving puzzles. Cube Escape: The Cave notches it up by putting you in a deep dark cave. Interact with your surroundings to get out.

Doors and Rooms: Perfect Escape

Doors and Rooms

Door and Rooms is a game of for the smartest minds. There are rooms with clues that demand solid reasoning power. These rooms lead to secret rooms that further test your deduction skills. Can you ever make it out of this godforsaken place? Uncovering clues, discovering hidden items, solving tricks and riddles will help you escape. Not everything you find is noble. There are dangerous objects that will reduce your strength. Tread carefully through this mind-bending escape game.

Escape - Secret of the Hidden Room


Escape - Secret of the Hidden Room is a spine-chilling escape game with a captivating story. You are tasked with figuring out the true story of Dan the Businessman. Some see him as a tyrant while others as a warm-hearted helpful person. What lies ahead of you are tricky puzzles, suspenseful mini-games and escape room adventures. The graphics and music give goosebumps. The gameplay will kickstart all your brain cells. Escape - Secret of the Hidden Room is one of the best escapes games with a mesmerising storyline.

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