5 Best Dance Apps for Android

Do you know that the secret to happiness and peace is dance? Yes, it’s true! Dancing gives you the freedom to express yourself. Apart from being a stress-buster, it also has some amazing positive effects on your mind and body. You can also get more social by connecting with other dancers around the world. With various emerging dance apps all over the world, you can get on your feet from the comfort of your home and progress at your own pace. Dance your heart out with these 5 best dance apps for Android.

Best 5 Dance Apps for Android

Just Dance Now

Just Dance Now App
For all the dancers out there, Just Dance Now turns your house into a dance floor. As a dancer, it is crucial to track your moves and postures. This app will turn your smartphone into a moves tracker and will rate your dance. You can learn and be versatile by learning various dance forms. You get access to over 500 dance routines and a chance to compete with other dancers from across the globe. This app not only makes you dance but also keeps a track of the number of calories you have burnt.With more than 10 million downloads across the globe, this app has been on the top of its charts.

Steezy Studio

Steezy Studio App

Steezy Studio gets you in your dancing shoes in no time by introducing various dance styles. The app not only teaches a specific dance routine but also gives you a chance to master a dance style. You can ace various dance styles by learning easy tips and tricks shared by world-famous dancers. You can also save your tutorials and dance to them whenever you want. The app offers nearly 600 classes and fun routines of dance styles like Hip Hop, Urban Dance and Whacking among others.

Dance Fitness Studio Lite

Dance Fit Studio Lit App

Dance Fitness Studio Lite app brings you almost all kinds of dance styles from around the world. And for each dance style, you get three free tutorial videos. You can subscribe to the rest of them based on the dance style you want to access. All the routines are choreographed keeping your health and fitness in mind. The app can help you lose weight, a bonus.


Danssup App

Danssup is not just an app but a community that keeps evolving. It is a platform of the best talents from around the world. Developed by passionate dancers, it is designed for all kinds of dance aspirants. You can create your portfolio after getting online training and reach out to a larger audience to expand and grow as a dancer professionally. Various filters are available Based on your current location and difficulty level you aspire to achieve. You can also make a short video and share your innovative dances with the world. You can also upgrade it to a premium account for more features for 1 month, 6months, or 12months. A perfect package for learners and dance teachers.

Hip Hop Dance Workout

Hip Hop Dance Workout App

Hip Hop Dance Workout app brings the best out of a dancer. This app consists of dance choreographies which include Break Dance, Jazz, Urban, etc. This app gives equal importance to dance and fitness. All the styles are designed to guide you step by step from basic to advanced form. Dance Sets are divided into three categories: Break Dance, Popping and Locking. There are 3D Video Instructions for all three categories. It also allows you to record and track your progress and will help you to become the best version of yourself.

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