5 Best Car Buying Apps For Android

From buying clothes to houses, people’s shopping habits have been changing. More and more people are preferring to buy things online. Online shopping is hassle-free and with just several clicks, you can own anything. This trend has led many businesses to move online and car shopping is one of them. Of course, going to a car dealer and test driving cars is still paramount, but, car buying apps provide a starting point. You can browse through a mammoth database without leaving your house. Below are 5 best car-buying apps for Android.

5 Best Car Buying Apps For Android


True Car

TrueCar does exactly as the name suggests, it gives you the true prices of cars you’re interested in. A bonus is that you can know what others have paid for similar cars. The car prices are inclusive of all the taxes, so you’re not surprised by any fringe costs last minute. Now you can easily walk confidently into a dealership and buy your favourite car. The app has a huge database of over 13,000 certified dealers across the US and over a million registered cars to choose from. The UI of the app is simple and user-friendly.


Car Max

With extensive search filters, payment calculators and other features, CarMax is a robust and comprehensive car buying app. This app has consistently ranked amongst one of the best car buying apps and has a huge fan following as well. The app boasts an inventory of over 50,000 used cars, SUVs and trucks. You can search and filter cars based on their price, make, type, model, features etc. You can even save your favourite cars and set price alerts when the cost of those cars goes down. The payment calculator provides an estimate of the price you’ll be paying for a car. A couple of other handy features are free car appraisal and 7-day money-back guarantee on any car.


Auto Scout 24

AutoScout24 is one of the biggest and best car-buying apps in Europe and has an envious collection of over two million vehicles. This app not only hosts cars and SUVs but motorbikes as well. You can save vehicles that you are interested in and view them offline as well. If you are looking to boost your knowledge of cars and other vehicles, the app also provides a free magazine with interesting articles. If you want to narrow down your search, you can search for cars by make, model, price, features, etc. The app is widely used in Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Russia.


Edmunds App

Edmunds is a car buying encyclopedia wrapped in an app. Similar to other apps on this list, you can buy new and used cars. However, this app does more than that. You can find car reviews, ratings and compare car prices as well. The car calculator allows you to find cars within your budget and even provides information on the monthly loan repayment rate. You can also text dealers via this app. The app also has unique features like car buying and car leasing calculator and the app can also lock upfront pricing for you. Surely, one of the best car buying apps for Android.

CARFAX Used Cars

Carfax Used Cars

True to its name, CARFAX Used Cars is for people looking to buy used cars, SUVs and trucks. CARFAX vehicle history report is one of CARFAX’s best features. The history report indicates what’s wrong with the car. The report also shows which cars listed might have been in an accident. The app has a wide variety of vehicles to choose from and the filters make sorting cars easier. Similar to other apps on the list, you can save your favourites to view later on. The app is easy to use thanks to the minimal UI.

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