5 Best Beer Apps For Android

Beer is one of the best discoveries of mankind. Gone are the days when Corna and Heiniken ruled the beer market. Microbreweries have taken the beer market by storm. More people are embracing alt-beers. Not everyone is a beer snob and choosing the right kind of beer can be quite a task. For some people finding the best microbrewery can seem daunting. But, there are a lot of beer apps out there. Whether you are looking for the right microbrewery or trying to find ratings on a new beer, these apps have it all. Here are the 5 best beer apps for Android. Just leave the stress at home and enjoy a pint.

5 Best Beer Apps For Android


Tavour App

Who knew that one day you could get subscription boxes of craft beer. Well, Tavour is just the beer subscription app you need when you’re looking for a new beer. The app sends you a list of different beer styles from the hottest breweries around 47 states. You can choose the beers you want from that list so you never end up with a beer style you don’t like. The UI is simple and interactive. The app is popular amongst beer snobs and is vetted by them. You can get your new favourite beer with just a few taps. The app is free to use but you need to pay for the beers and there is a flat delivery charge as well.


Untapped App

With over a million users, Untapped is one of the most popular and best beer apps around. The app allows you to discover and share new beers, beer venues and breweries with your friends. It’s a fun and interactive beer app. You earn badges for exploring beers from different parts of the world and different beer styles as well. You can create a list of beers that you tried and liked. You can mark your favourite breweries and get notified when they add new beers to their collection. If you aren’t the adventurous type, the app also offers honest ratings of popular beers. The UI is clean, interactive, intuitive, and has an appealing design.


Drizly App

Drizly was people’s new best friend during the Coronavirus lockdown. The app delivers beers and other alcohol right at your doorstep within an hour. With a large collection of beers, you are sure to find your favourite beer on the app. The app is pretty wallet-friendly since you can also compare prices from different liquor stores around you. You can pay on the app using your credit card and just show your ID upon delivery of your beer. The app currently delivers alcohol in over 100 US cities with plans to expand to other cities too.


Brewee App

Brewee is perfect for all the beer lovers looking for the best microbreweries around them. The app boasts a large beer community and collection of craft breweries from all around the US. Choose the perfect craft brewery by reading testimonials from beer enthusiasts. You can also read beer reviews before ordering a beer at any brewery. Most of these reviews are honest ensuring you never have a bad experience. The app also recommends the perfect brewery based on your location and previous visits to other breweries. The app is easy to use with a simple UI design.

Total Wines and More

As the name suggests, Total Wines and More has a large selection of wines, beer and other spirits. It is one of the biggest alcohol stores in the US with multiple locations. The app lets you search beer, wine and liquor inventories of different stores. Search for beverages of your choice, add them to the cart, pay via the app and just pick up at the store. If you’re short on time, you can get alcohol delivered to your doorsteps as well. The inbuilt barcode scanner gives you extensive information on the product, reviews and ratings. You are notified of deals and promotions in your nearby store. Add your loyalty card to the app to keep tabs on points earned and receive special discounts.

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