4 Best Spotify, Google Maps, Amazon & YouTube Hacks

Apps have changed our world. From music to movies, from communicating to showcasing, apps play a crucial role in our lives. There are a handful of apps that are used by almost everyone around the world. Facebook, Amazon, Google Maps, Spotify, YouTube and other similar apps can be found on billions of smartphones across the globe. Despite that, not all apps are used to their maximum efficiency. That is why we bring you exciting hacks that unlock the true potential of these apps. Here are the best Instagram, Spotify, TikTok, Snapchat & YouTube hacks for you.

4 Best Spotify, Google Maps, Amazon & YouTube Hacks

4 Best Spotify Hacks

Spotify is a social music listening experience. You can see what your friends are listening and vice versa. But, what if you want to hide something you are listening to? Start a private session: Settings -> Social -> Private Session. On the other end of the spectrum is Group Sessions. Launch a Group Session to listen with up to five other Spotify Premium friends. Accidentally deleted a playlist? Go to Spotify website, login, click Recover playlists and click Restore to bring back the playlist. Check out Discover Weekly and Release Radar to find music that matches your taste.

4 Best YouTube Hacks

Video is the new king and YouTube is the kingmaker. There are numerous hacks hidden within YouTube. Do you know that it has its own Audio library that provides royalty-free sound effects and music? Sign in to YouTube Studio, select Audio library and choose Free music or Sound effects for respective tracks. Download and use them for your own videos. Want to blur objects or faces? YouTube Videos -> Editor -> Add Blur -> Done -> Save. Pin noteworthy comments, Community Tab -> Select the comment -> More -> Pin. View video transcripts, Tap More -> Transcript.

4 Best Google Maps Hacks

Time travel with Google Maps to see what places looked like back in time. Google Street View has been recording street views since 2007. Tap Street View -> tap click icon -> select a certain point in time. From time travel to it’s time to revisit all the places you have been to. Tap More -> Your Timeline -> Select a time frame. Going for a hike? Measure the distance between two points, Satellite (bottom-left) -> Drop pointers on the start and endpoint. Save the spot where you parked, Tap the blue dot (current location) -> Save your parking.

4 Best Amazon Hacks

Amazon and its ecosystem is an intricate web with infinite potential. Share Amazon Prime with family members using Amazon Household. Connect your spouse and up to 5 children using Family Vault. All seven of you can enjoy Prime benefits at the cost of one account. Shop at Amazon Warehouse for used and returned items that are discounted 50% or more. Exchange old gift cards for Amazon cash using Amazon’s Gift Card Exchange plan. Was a package delivered late? Contact customer service and get $10 credit or one month of free Amazon Prime.

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