4 Best Massage Apps

Do you have sore muscles? Would you like some massage? But, the massage parlours are closed. How to get a massage in these dire times then? One option is to learn massage and give them to others and expect them to return the favour. It will surely work on friends, family and partners. Everyone likes stress and body pain relief. It is a great skill to acquire during these times and there are a few decent apps that teach you how to. Here are the 4 best massage apps for you.

4 Best Massage Apps

Kindle, Scribd and Google Play Books

Massage ebooks are a great way to learn the art and science of massage. Kindle, Scribd and Google Play Books are among the best ebook apps out there. The Kindle app offers a wide range of books as well as magazines and newspapers. It also has built-in Google Search and Wikipedia access. Scribd, the Netflix of books, has a catalogue of 500,000+ books from over 1,000 publishing houses. The app also has curated editorial collections, personalised recommendations and download books features. Google Play Books contains numerous massage books, masseuse guides and more. Hence, Kindle, Scribd and Google Play Books are all among the best massage learning apps.

Massage Body Spots

Massage Body Spots is an encyclopedia of massage available for free. It is the perfect app for beginners and regulars. The app educates you about all the pressure points and spots. You can massage some of your own points and spots as well. The app also focuses on different glands such as Pituitary, Thyroid, Parathyroid glands and Pancreas among others. The app is very easy to use and proper categorisation of body parts helps. The app is completely free minus ads and in-app purchases. Massage Body Spots is one of the best massage learning apps.


Udemy is the Mecca of educational videos. It has bit-sized courses for everything from content writing to cryptocurrency. And, you guessed it, they offer massage videos and crash courses from notable institutes and masseuse. You can learn basic and advanced massage techniques as well as specialised massages such as couple massage techniques. The courses have lectures, notes, quizzes and exams as well. Udemy offers cross-platform support which means you can continue the course on smartphones, tablets and laptops/PCs. Udemy is free but you have to pay for the courses.


You can’t go to the massage parlour but the masseuse can come to you, right? Urban is the bridge between the masseuse and you. It connects you to thousands of qualified, insured and hand-picked practitioners. You can opt for one of the 30+ at-home and online treatments available, from tension-busting Deep Tissue treatments, hard-as-nails Shellac manicures, to osteopathy, physiotherapy, personal training and yoga. The average rating of the masseuse on the app is 4.9. Booking a massage takes no more than 4 taps. Now, that sounds like one of the best massage apps out there.

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