Why mobile apps for conferences are a “must have”?

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In the last few years we are witnessing how most of the major conferences and trade shows have their own iPhone, iPad or Android apps. Those apps serve as orientation on site providing exhibitor catalogue and interactive maps, seminar and conference overview or MySchedule functionalities. But their function doesn’t end here. They are also great interaction facilitators between exhibitors and attendees as well as among attendees themselves. Some apps offer games, digital hand outs and the ability to exchange contact information, while others even include augmented reality features.

From our experience in building conference apps, or any other event app for that matter, a conference guide that is to be used on location, needs to be easy to access and simple to navigate. At the end of the day it’s the percentage of attendee usage that defines the ROI for the organizers and the sponsors. Simplicity also decreases the cost dramatically, making the transition to mobile affordable for almost any conference or tradeshow, and in turn making attendees and exhibitors happy.

Our approach from the beginning of the mobile app development process has been simplicity with great aesthetic design. Moreover, we encourage the organizers to think that way when thinking about offering a mobile guide for their event.

Recently our mobile guide was used by the IP Week 2013 Conference in Singapore. The conference comprised a series of IP-centric events including the Global Forum on Intellectual Property 2013, a regional workshop led by WIPO, an IP arbitration workshop conducted by WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Centre based in Singapore, an IP Career Forum and exhibition booths by IPOS and sponsors. The IP Week 2013 Event App provided visitors with conference schedules and programs, while also enabling visitors to get event details, personalize and keep track of their favourite programs in MyShow, get in touch with fellow delegates and add people they meet into their contacts.

Conferences can be overwhelming and that is where event apps come into play. They are incredibly useful by covering everything from helping you to meet interesting people, organize your agenda with all the sessions you wanted to attend, and then there are also apps built for specific conferences, to location-based social networks and QR code readers to grab people’s contact details.

  • 9 Dec, 2013
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