Why is the service industry buzzing about iPad based POS?

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In a survey conducted earlier this year 56 % of businesses plan to implement mobile technology systems using the iPad while another 38 % plan on using iPhones.

Since time management and inventory control are some of the most important areas to retailers, the future of the service industry looks to be definitely headed down a tablet-driven POS world.

So let’s take a closer look at why more and more entrepreneurs are opting to have their cash register, inventory tracking and customer records all run through an iPad or other mobile touch-screen tablet.

The Benefits of Cloud-Based POS

The Looks

iPad looks modern and sleek, and the device’s mobility gives a merchant greater flexibility in serving customers.

The Cost

Transitioning from a more traditional point-of-sale system to an iPad-based system is a cost-saving no-brainer. The set-up costs for an iPad-based point of sale system for a small company is around $10,000 less than it would have been with a traditional point-of-sale system. There is a variety of iPad-based POS systems available at the market today. You can get it with relatively affordable startup and maintenance costs, just make sure it is compatible with other financial softwares your company is using and your customer service will improve significantly.

Over the next three to five years, many of the existing larger and pricier point-of-sale systems will be replaced with iPads, according to Mercator Advisory Group research study. The study also points out how it is impossible to predict when a total conversion of the market would occur as it refers to the portion of merchants that will continue to use the older point-of-sale systems out of habit.


The industry is seeing client servicing businesses like restaurants and retail stores seeking to streamline every aspect of their business without sacrificing high quality hardware, powerful business intelligence reporting, accessibility of the cloud and the best third party integrations.

In this exciting time for connected devices and payments, IT companies across the world are shifting their innovative juices more towards hardware and customer experiences of the service sector. We are experiencing four main trends for the customer service sector:

Connected devices

Depending on the type you opt for, POS system can connect wirelessly to digital menu boards, kitchen display units and even customer alert screens to enhance both front and back of the house operations.

Payments and ordering

Companies are investing a lot into online ordering and payment options. As a society, we work online and offline for everyday transactions. Businesses want more ways to be discovered and more ways to figure out how to accept any kinds of payments from bit coin to credit cards. We are moving toward a mobile & cashless society. Customers want service on demand, and companies are defining next practices for the service industry on how to enhance the customer experience but also streamline operations.

CRM for everyone

IT is being applied to customers and inventory. People are expecting mass personalized solutions and deals, and the industry is exploring new ways to leverage data to deliver special offers for these people. Loyalty & reward cards are only the beginning.


Customers are open to and want to explore their data. Big data is a buzzword, but we are watching customers learn from their establishment data and use that to make strategic business decisions based on data driven insights. This might be as simple as knowing what size jeans are not selling, or how to cut costs by changing which type of pastries you stock. We are giving business the tools to make better decisions.

We recently heard from a client in the restaurant business who wanted an app acting like a POS system for restaurant management operations with features that will enable his team a seamless customer experience through food ordering and serving as well as billing. To put it in his words, “incorporating iPad as POS is the best decision I have made in the last 2 years. And I cannot understand how I have managed to run the restaurant without it. It is an amazing tool to work with for both my staff and the customers.”

Hope we have inspired you to take the big step with iPad based POS and enjoy its rewards.

  • 2 Dec, 2013
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