Smartphone App Developers

Smartphone App Developers

According to eMarketer's "Worldwide Mobile Phone Users: H1 2014 Forecast and Comparative Estimates" report, the global smartphone audience will reach a total of 1.75 billion in 2014. The company expects smartphone adoption to continue on a fast-paced trajectory through 2017. Nearly two-fifths of all mobile phone users, close to one-quarter of the worldwide population, will use a smartphone at least monthly in 2014. By the end of the forecast period, smartphone penetration among mobile phone users globally will near 50%. Another important report comes from Nielsen, reporting consumer Internet use shifts from PCs to smartphones in the U.S. The figure of 87% of smartphone and/or tablet owners using their devices to shop shows how tablets are gaining importance in m-commerce. In other words, having a smartphone app development strategy for your business is a must.

4 ways a smartphone app will benefit your company :

  • Convenience: Providing current and potential customers on-the-go access to your business.
  • Brand Promotion: Having a presence on Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play, can get your brand seen. Users can download the app, rate it and recommend it to others.
  • Customer Service: With the ability to rate the app, companies are able to receive free of charge feedback about their products or services enabling them to keep up with trends and customer sentiments.
  • Generate Income: Whether your apps is a game or it provides a unique tool or service, or perhaps a subscription to a premium content, it can generate income. Additionally, apps can allow hosting of advertisements which then allows app makers to create the app to download for free or give app makers the ability to make both a free version of the app, supported by advertisements and a paid version of the app without any advertisements.

So whether you want to attract new customers, improve customer service, extend the brand experience, create a new revenue stream from existing customers or a new, on–the-go marketplace for your customers enabling them to shop within the smartphone app itself, AppHeros different approach to smartphone app development ensures we understand the client's business, the specific situation our client is in and how the app must help client's business.

Our smartphone app developers are well versed with the latest mobile app development technologies to build smartphone applications. For example, we use Rhomobile, an open-source framework, to create native apps which can span across a huge range of operating systems including Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, iPhone and RIM, which pretty much covers it all.

For creating apps for Android, iPhone and iPad devices, our smartphone app developers prefer PhoneGap, whereas for native apps which can be moulded to the tablet and desktop apps via web programming languages such as HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby and Python, we use Appcelerator.

Our smartphone application developers are professionally trained across all major mobile application development frameworks ensuring our development team is well versed and up to speed with the latest technologies. With hundreds of projects behind us, our smartphone app developers are experts in bringing your idea to reality.


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