Messenger Rooms on Instagram + Create Infinite Pages on Notion

Messenger Rooms come to Instagram

Of course, video calling is all the craze these days. In fact, it has turned into an arms race with various apps trying to outdo each other. A couple of weeks ago, Facebook launched Messenger Rooms that enabled group video calls with up to 50 people. Facebook has now added the Messenger Rooms feature to Instagram. This is a milestone in the Facebook ecosphere as it’s the first cross-app messaging feature.

Launching Messenger Rooms on Instagram is fairly easy. Well, your Instagram account has to be linked to a Facebook account to use Messenger Rooms. After that, you just create a Room and select the people you want to invite. You can share the Room URL on/in News Feed, Groups and Events. This allows anyone to join the Room. The URL can also be shared with non-Facebook users and even they can join. That’s it! Have fun with friends and family. Enjoy all the new features such as face-flattering filters and dynamic backgrounds.

Unlimited Pages & Blocks for free users of Notion

Notion is a popular productivity app with free and three premium plans. It has a Pages and Blocks format. Pages are pages and blocks sub-elements that you add to Pages. There are 20+ Blocks such as Text, To-do list, Quote, Database etc. Earlier, free users got a maximum limit of 1,000 blocks and a storage limit as well. To get unlimited blocks and storage costed $5 per month.

But, there is good news for free users. Now, free users can use unlimited pages, blocks and storage space. However, there are still some features that are not available to free users. Free users have to deal with 5MB upload file limit and can only share their pages with 5 other people. Personal Pro, which removes both limits, costs $4 a month.

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