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Facebook Introduces Video Rooms for upto 8 People

Our online communication needs are changing rapidly given the circumstances. New messaging and social media apps have emerged offering different ways to connect to people. The sudden rise in the popularity of these apps hasn’t gone unnoticed. The usual suspects are flexing their muscles. Google launched Hangouts Meets while Microsoft Teams got Zoom-like features. Now, Facebook is all set to enter the game with video chat rooms.

Facebook Video Rooms: Connect with up to 8 people

Facebook has blended Zoom’s interface and Houseparty’s casual video call features in the newly-released feature called Rooms. Rooms is quite exciting thanks to its raw nature where anyone can join a video chat room started by you. A notification is sent to your Friends when you initiate a video chat room and they can hop in without any formal invitation. Facebook also added a dedicated section above the News Feed where your Friends can find your video room. The invitation option is also there. Send links to your closest buddies or everyone and enjoy the spontaneous group video calls.

This is just the beginning. It is all going to get very interesting very fast. A maximum of 8 people can join right now with an upper limit of 50 participants just a week away. What’s really exciting is that soon Rooms will be available on Instagram and WhatsApp as well. This will bring down the walls between the three main Facebook apps and you will be able to conduct group video chats across platforms. In fact, users won’t even need a Facebook account to join the video chats.

How to launch Facebook Rooms

  • Launch a Room from the News Feed composer, Groups, Events or the Messenger inbox
  • Add a start time, description and joining conditions (close friends, invitees-only or anyone).
  • Share the Rooms link with friends
  • Participants can join via shared links, discovery section above News Feed and notifications sent by Facebook.

Facebook Rooms feature is available on Android in English-speaking countries. The feature is ad-free without any monetisation.

360 Backgrounds, Mood Lighting, Donate, Audio Live & More

The video streaming and sharing landscape are going to change significantly. Facebook is leaving no stone unturned and has rolled out interesting features across different apps.

  • Facebook will soon roll out 360 Backgrounds with mood lighting. This will let you cover the real background with virtual 360 backgrounds complete with mood lighting.
  • WhatsApp’s group video call limit has been bumped from four to eight.
  • Now you can invite friends or experts on Facebook Live just like you can on Instagram Live.
  • A donate button can be added on live videos to raise money for noble causes. Handy for influencers, activists and artists.
  • Audio-only Live videos are great if you are nervous to face the camera, want to conserve data or live in slow network areas.
  • Instagram Live on the web is great for viewing videos on bigger screens.
  • Instagram Live videos disappeared within 24 hours discouraging users to put in too much effort. Voila, now Instagram Live videos can be saved to IGTV.
  • Facebook Dating became available just a little while before the pandemic. Now, you can’t go on a real date hence Facebook has added video chat to Facebook Dating for a virtual date.

All of the above features are rolling out around the world so stay tuned.

Jim has a bachelor in Philosophy of Science from the University of Leeds. When he is not writing tech articles he enjoys photography 📷 and traveling 🚂.