4 Best Music Finder Apps

Music inspires us. Music brings joy to our lives. Music gives words to our feelings. At times, music confuses us. Ever wished to know the name of the song playing in a restaurant? Heard a jingle in a plaza and Europe but couldn’t find it? How about all those mesmerising songs at a music festival? Music will no more confuse and songs won’t make you pull your hair. These four best music finder apps will give you names of songs within seconds.

4 Best Music Finder Apps for Android


Musixmatch kills two birds with one stone - find song names and get lyrics. It has the world’s largest collection of song lyrics. It identifies songs and presents lyrics with seconds. The app is compatible with Spotify, Youtube, Pandora, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Google Play Music and a few other music apps. This means it can provide rolling lyrics to songs playing in the compatible apps. You can also read a translation of songs in different languages. Then there are flashcards of lyrics with song excerpts that you can share on social media. Musixmatch latest version 7.5.7 is available on our site.


Genius is one of the best music finder apps with an uber cool interface that makes the discovery and search easy. It has a massive library with weekly Top Charts. The app isn’t as fast or as accurate as Musixmatch when it comes to identifying songs and providing lyrics. But, it lets you download lyrics for offline reading. It also has a video collection that lets you watch videos of some songs. You can also get inside scoop behind popular tracks right from the artists and producers.


The godfather of music finder apps, Shazam set the wheels in motion with fast and accurate song recognition. People even use the app name as a verb, “Let’s Shazam it.” It is still the fastest in recognising songs. After the song is identified, the app provides you with several options - play an excerpt, watch on YouTube, sing along with the lyrics etc. The pop-up tool lets you multitask by identifying songs while you are using other apps. Offline Shazam identifies songs once you are back online. The app can also identify posters, magazines, and movies using the camera. It is the best music finder app. The ads though are quite annoying. You can download the recently updated Shazam 10.24.0-200326 app on our site.


SoundHound is a beautifully crafted music finder app. The app is accurate and fast in identifying music. And, it lets you watch videos of identified songs. The app has its own collection of songs neatly organised in categories that make discovery easy. Its own song assistant lets you control the app with your voice. And, it is apparently the only app that can identify a song based on humming. The app also has a web interface that enables you to use it on your laptop. The app doesn’t have the best interface and the song videos stop playing if you get out of the app.

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