8 Best GIF Apps For Android

Facebook statuses, tweets, Instagram photos, YouTube videos and more. The social media landscape is an everchanging one and that is what makes it exciting. The latest entrant to this landscape is GIF. GIFs are a cross between photos and videos. They are short animations that are gaining popularity among people. So, here are the best GIF apps for Android that will help you stay in touch with the modern craze.

8 Best GIF Apps For Android


GIPHY is the world’s largest library of animated GIFs. It has GIFs from Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Star Wars and any other popular movie, song or TV show you can think of. Oh, and that’s not it, GIPHY has sports, politics, animal and numerous other GIFs as well. You can search for GIFs and share them with the world directly from within the app. There is also an in-app GIF Camera that lets you create your own GIFs.

GIF Keyboard

It is fun to send GIFs to your friends. But, it is equally bothersome to get out of the messaging app, open a GIF app and share a GIF from there. That is what guys at Tenor thought and developed the GIF Keyboard. Using the GIF Keyboard you can directly share GIFs without exiting the messaging or social media app that you are using. You can search for GIFs via keywords or emojis. GIF Keyboard is quite popular with over 10 million users.


Tumblr is a microblogging and social media site where you share and discover photos, text, videos, live videos, audio, articles and of course GIFs. Tumblr lets you create your own GIFs and you can add stickers, texts and other customisation features to them. The GIF-making tool is quite cool and it helps that you can share other forms of media along with GIFs. What also helps is that Tumblr is entirely free without any annoying ads or in-app purchases.

PowerDirector Video Editor

What is a video editor app doing in this list? Well, PowerDirector Video Editor lets you create GIFs from your videos. You can create GIF still images and animated GIFs using the app. The video-to-GIF making process is fairly straightforward and is called ‘Create Animated GIF File’. It sits under Video-to-Photo dialogue.


GroupMe is a messaging app with an in-built GIF creator. The in-built GIF creator isn’t as powerful as some of the other GIF apps mentioned above. Still, it is good enough to edit GIFs, add text and colour to GIFs along with other customizations. You can then directly share these GIFs with your friends who also use GroupMe.

Camera MX

Camera MX is a camera app that you can use to create GIFs. You can shoot short videos and then turn them into GIFs or take a bunch of photos to create GIFs out of them. The app isn’t ideal for creating GIFs from existing videos but is great in shooting videos and converting them to GIFs. The GIF creating tool lives under the name of Live Shot in the app.

GIF Maker - GIF Editor

GIF Maker is a complete GIF-making app. You can edit videos in your phone gallery to create GIFs and create GIFs using up to 200 photos. You can edit existing GIFs or the ones you created and add stickers and text to them. It takes some time to get used to the app but once you get a hang of it, it is very easy to use.


Imgur is the world’s sharing place for all things short and mostly funny. Short funny videos, memes and GIFs dominate Imgur. The app provides a good break whenever you are in search of one. It lightens up your day with GIFs that you can filter as to your liking. You can’t create GIFs in Imgur but you can upload them. The app is free to download without any in-app purchases.

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