5 Best Todo Apps For Android

We live in a fast-paced world and we consume an immense amount of information each day. Given the information overflow, it is easy to forget and lose track. Fortunately, there are outstanding todo app apps that let us jot down everything important. These apps have evolved from being just text-based to supporting images, videos, checklists and voice notes. Here are the five best todo apps for Android.

5 Best Todo Apps For Android


Evernote is one of the oldest and best todo apps for Android. You need to register using an email account to use it. You can protect your notes and todo lists using the fingerprint lock feature. The app lets you set reminders, make checklists and plan events. You can also take notes in different formats like text, attachments, handwriting, photos and audio among others. The app syncs your notes across different devices. The free version lets you sync two devices max.


It is always better to have two todo apps. One for personal use and another for professional. Asana is an excellent todo app for professional use. It is an ideal todo app for groups and teams. Using Asana, you can create separate teams and assign tasks, add comments and attachments to teams as well as individuals. In addition to tasks, you can also create to-do lists, set reminders and share ideas with your team members. Get updates from teammates, organize tasks and projects for work, or manage your to-do list for the day. Asana is a great team management app for small to medium-sized businesses but it is not ideal for large businesses.


ColorNote is a todo app full of helpful features. It comes with three themes along with a dark theme. It automatically saves your notes and checklists when you hit the back button. You can also set time and date-specific reminders. It lets you pin notes and todo lists to the status bar for easy access. The app’s “auto-link” feature is very handy. It automatically detects web links or phone numbers in your notes and takes you to your dialer or browser in a single tap. Other notable features are – custom colour notes, memo widgets, calendar-based notes organization, password protection for notes and note sharing. ColorNote is ad-free and syncs your notes if you choose to create an account.


Todoist is probably the most complete and versatile todo app for Android. It is compatible with Google Chrome via an extension and has a desktop app as well. This lets you sync your todo lists across different devices. The app has different kinds of list for different purposes such as checklists, reading lists, bucket lists and wishlists among others. There are two kinds of reminders - time-specific and location-specific - that ensure that you don’t forget something important. In addition to lists, the app also has a Habit Tracker and a Goal Tracker that remind you of your fitness streaks and goals. It could get confusing with all the lists and trackers. That is why Todoist has tags and inboxes for easy task sorting. However, there is one catch. Sadly, reminders are a premium feature. Besides that, that app is a true treat.


A clone of the former Yahoo-owned Astrid, Tasks is one of the best todos apps for Android. It is full of rich features that ensure you don’t overlook your todo list. The user interface is user-friendly and only a couple of niche features require some getting used to. You can just drag-and-drop to re-order tasks and create subtasks. You can set regular tasks, recurring tasks and apply custom filters to tasks. The app stands out for its customisation features. You get 21 theme colours and 17 accent colours to customise the app to your liking. Tasks is compatible with Google Task. It takes privacy seriously, hence, there are no ads nor tracking. And, its premium subscription is significantly cheaper than other todo apps.

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