5 Best Streaming Apps For Android

It started as a video-rental service. Then the internet came by and things changed. Rather than falling out of favour, it evolved. It let members watch movies and TV shows online. But, it was what followed that changed the video streaming landscape forever. Its Originals ushered in an era of outstanding movies and series being produced by the video rental turned streaming service itself. Yup, you guessed it. I am talking about Netflix. Here are Netflix and seven other video streaming apps for Android.

5 Best Streaming Apps For Android


Netflix has been outdoing itself with its Originals like House of Cards, Narcos and Orange Is the New Black just to name a few. It is now also producing Originals in India, Spain, Korea and other countries as well. It also has an excellent selection of movies and TV shows. It has a very handy interface and its recommendation system is spot on. It also lets you create separate profiles which help keep things separate for different account users. Netflix remains the best video streaming service out there.


Hulu is your best alternative to traditional cable TV. It provides access to shows from most major networks. Beyond live streaming, you can also watch various seasons of different TV shows. It started venturing into producing original shows recently, most notably with BBC. Hulu also has a good collection of offbeat movies and anime series. The only downside of Hulu is that it comes with commercials despite the paid subscription.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video has an edge over its competitor in that it comes as a bundle with two-day shipping, free Kindle books and Amazon Music as part of the Amazon Prime pack. Amazon Prime Video is a good mix of movies, TV shows and popular Originals like Alpha House and Mozart In The Jungle. Amazon also has an envious collection of comedy and children’s shows due to its partnership with Viacom which owns Comedy Central, MTV and Nickelodeon.


Some might say that YouTube started the video revolution on the internet and they won’t be wrong. YouTube has grown a lot in the last few years. Now there are different versions of YouTube - Red, Kids, Music, Gaming and Premium. And, YouTube is making a push in the production arena with YouTube Red Originals. YouTube TV entered the live TV space with over 40 channels. So, there is lots more to YouTube these days than just tutorials and music videos.

PlayStation Vue

Sony’s PlayStation Vue is a lot like traditional cable TV. It has four different packages – Access: basic channels, Core: basic + sports, Elite: former two + niche programming and Ultra: premium channels in addition to the above three. You can access up to 90 channels via Vue connection including local sports and news. One added benefit is that you can record your shows, movies and sports matches.

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