5 Best News App For Android

With print media fading away, getting a newspaper has become antiquated in the 21st century. Technology and the internet have made our lives so much easier, we have the world on our fingertips. In our busy lives, it is hard to stay on top of news all the time, but thanks to the best news apps you can get notifications every time something major happens around the world. There are tons of news apps out there and it can be hard find the best ones. That is why we’ve jotted down a list of the 5 best news apps for Android.

5 Best News Apps For Android

Google News

Google News

With over 12 million subscribers, Google News is one of the most popular news app for Android. The app homepage contains 5 local news and 5 news from around the world, ensuring that you don’t miss out on global happenings. You can customise your interests in the ‘For You’ tab so you get personalised news. Another interesting feature is ‘Full Coverage’ which allows you to delve deeper into different stories from different sources. And, if you are on the subway with a poor connection, the app will slim down the size of images and will download less data keeping you up-to-date during your commute.

BBC News

BBC News

BBC News is one of the most popular and well-reputed news outlets. It is also quite popular with over 4 million readers. BBC brings you unbiased news from around the world. They also provide users with an option to tune into live news, in case you prefer watching the news rather than reading lengthy articles. Their ‘My Feature’ option allows you to choose topics that you are interested in, whether it’s Rugby or Stocks they’ve got it all for you. You will also find special sections - Culture, Future, Cities - that offer a different outlook.


Flipboard News

Flipboard has consistently ranked amongst the best news app and has won several awards. It brings together news, popular stories and conversations of your interest right to your phone screens. It has an easy interface, allowing users to have top news, a collection of articles and magazines all in one place. Since the UI of the app is like a magazine and articles are usually image-heavy, it is perfect for people who prefer a visually rich style. You can select your preferences, so if you are bored with world news and looking for some Superhero news you can easily ‘flip’ to your desired interest.


Reuters News

Though Reuters doesn’t boast a huge following amongst news app users it one of the most trusted news outlets out there. They host a wide range of topics and cover anything remotely newsworthy. Since they have a presence in over 180 countries you can be certain of staying on top of the news from around the world. A lot of popular news outlets get their news from Reuters. Similar to other news apps, you can choose your interests and the app will serve personalised news. If you are short on time, you can save articles to read later. The app also has a Night Mode and offline reading feature.


Believe it or not, Twitter is the home of breaking news. With over a billion users, it is the most popular news app. And with 250 character limit, you get your daily dose of knowledge in quick little bites. Simply choose topics and hashtags of your interest and stay up to date every second of the day. The app also allows users to join live discussions and watch live videos, enabling you to interact with a larger audience. Twitter also shows trending hashtags helping you stay on top of what’s happening around you.

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