4 Best Screen Recording Apps for Android

Our lives have changed drastically. But, we are doing alright thanks to technology. Be it social or work life, technology has come to our rescue. It also means that we have had to learn new technical stuff to adapt to these times. Screen recording isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Many of us might have never done that but now we might have to record our screens for work or social purpose. Creating tutorials, explaining something, sharing a gaming video and much more can be achieved via screen recording. These 5 best screen recording apps are easy to learn and great to use.

4 Best Screen Recording Apps for Android

AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder is one of the best screen recording apps for Android. The free-to-use app is ideal for video tutorials, video calls, game videos and live shows. It is lightweight and easy-to-use. A single tap starts screen recording and the buttons don’t clutter the screen but are on-hand when you need them. You can shake the device to stop/start recording. Drawing on the screen amidst recording is also possible. Front-facing camera recording displays your face atop screen recording. This is perfect for game commentaries and tutorial explanations. The in-app video editor provides all the basic features you need. Most of the features are available for free without watermarks and time limits.

Screen Recorder – No Ads

What can be better than a screen recorder app that is free and without ads? Screen Recorder - No Ads is a no-fuss easy-to-use app. It is so minimal that it redefines minimal. But, it is efficient. It has a beautiful widget with four options - Start/Stop, Screenshot, Settings and Close (X). It supports HD resolutions at 60fps. You can add logos, images and text to your recordings. You can turn the mic on/off. Similar to Az, it offers the front-facing camera recording feature. There is also a night mode. The in-app video editor is basic and you can also take notes while recording.

Google Play Games

The gamers out there must have heard of Google Play Games. But, do you know that the app doubles up as a screen recorder app? The app is mostly for gamers but a quick hack enables non-game recording as well. How? Launch a game and start screen recording then exit the game. The recording continues and you can start doing what you want to record. The interface is minimal with a floating video bubble with recording settings. Tap Record gameplay to start recording tap Close to stop recording. Recorded videos are automatically uploaded to Google Photos. They can be directly uploaded to YouTube. There is no in-app video editor but you can use YouTube Video Editor.


Twitch isn’t an out-and-out screen recording app. It is used for live streaming games. But, all live stream videos are automatically recorded and can be downloaded at any time. As opposed to other apps in the list, Twitch requires you to sign up. It is an ideal app if you are a gamer and regularly live stream games otherwise the aforementioned apps are better alternatives. Game recordings are available for free however some of the other features require a premium membership.

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