A guide for successful mobile app marketing

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At the present moment there are almost 1,500,000 apps in the market and counting. That makes one thing certain; mobile apps are definitely here to stay. This is great news for developers, but what they have to take into consideration is that there are thousands and thousands of apps getting released today so users are given a variety of choice in practically every app category one can imagine. Although that is a big disadvantage, there are ways to tackle this issue by giving the required exposure to their app. To really leverage on the mobile app marketing power, you should start right from the initial stages of app development.

We will show you how this strategy can reap much richer results from your app development efforts than it would be by going the usual way of making your app easily referable to your users’ friends and providing frequent updates for your app.

A 4-step strategy for bigger app success

Create a splash page

This is one of the best ways to generate public interest in your app as the page directs user traffic to your app. The page should support your app, from the initial stages of app development, till the very end. That way you can grow your initial page and create a full Website for your app with a device image, basic information about your app’s functionality and what it can be used for, as well as the information on how it will help your users and links to the major social media channels.

Everybody loves a sneak peek

By informing your site visitors of all your app modifications and additions, regardless how small they may be, you create an impression of a passionate developer. To engage your audience even more you could ask them to share their own ideas. Another great way of getting the much needed exposure is to participate in mobile app development forums and blogs, the latter being more significant to your marketing efforts as there are many blogs that would be more than willing to feature your app right from its early stages of development. You could offer them exclusive information on your app, which they will not find anywhere else. That will pique their interest further. Everybody loves a good exclusive story. To ensure you stay connected with your target audience, include a newsletter sign up in your splash page.

Create a teaser video

By now you know the statistics. Across the globe Youtube videos are gaining huge popularity with consumers so naturally, you should use the platform to tell your visitors what your app is all about and keep them informed about the progress in development. If one picture is worth 1000 words imagine what you could do with a 60-second video. The main trick behind this stage is to introduce your app while it is still in the making as that will keep your audience engaged in your work. Just make sure that your story is interesting.

Beta testers are your app ambassadors

Once your splash page is ready for launch, follow it up by inviting volunteers to beta test your app. Beta testers are beneficial in numerous ways. On one hand they give you the much-needed feedback on your app, on the other, the chances are that they will also tell their friends about your app, much before it actually launches in the app marketplace. This automatically makes them your brand ambassadors that are always a much more trusted hence efficient tool that paid advertising, even PR. And not to mention, they are your free marketing tool.

You can also offer promo codes to friends who are or have important contacts in the various media channels. This will enable them to review your app and get a feel of it even before its official release. You could even ask them to feature it just before the actual release of your app, so that it can help act as a teaser in itself.

The ones who have been on this road know very well how mobile app marketing is a process that can start at the very beginning of your app development process. This guide will help you create an audience and a buzz around your app, making it a good start in the journey of getting tens of thousands of downloads of your app.

  • 16 Dec, 2013
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